PodCast: 4 Ways Hospitals Can Get Ready for the New President

In a wide-ranging conversation, WSW’s Mike Merola says it’s time for hospitals to prepare now for the next occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. More than boosting their bottom line, Mike offers expert advice on the way hospitals can raise the standard for health in their communities.
Here’s Mike’s Action Agenda for Hospitals:
#1 Form new partnerships with community organizations and others who have deep interests in improving community health.
#2 Accelerate the development of lower-cost ambulatory and digital healthcare offerings; we are moving inexorably toward a future where healthcare is highly distributed in the community, the home and the person.
#3 Seek greater operational efficiency. Efficiency and quality go together, and we must raise the bar on both. Technologies and systems now exist in healthcare that can do this, and they should be applied to hospital and ambulatory care alike.
#4 Get engaged with the transition teams of the eventual general election candidates to make sure your voice is heard in the debate.