Michael Merola

Founding Partner | Mike_Merola@wswdc.com | LinkedIn

Michael Merola Michael Merola developed a love for public service during his two years in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. He later went to Capitol Hill to work for Sen. Robert Torricelli, where his policy focus included transportation, labor, defense, health care, and international relations.

As a founding partner of WSW, Mike had a very clear vision for what he wanted the firm to be: an antidote to the operators in Washington who over-promise and under-deliver. Mike has made that vision his mantra, and has developed a reputation for success on behalf of clients in some of the most difficult issues before Congress, from Medicare reimbursement to transportation reauthorization. In addition to health care and transportation, Mike’s expertise extends to corporate entities, non-profit organizations, and governmental clients.

Mike received has a BA from Lafayette College and an MA from Rutgers University. He currently lives in Maryland with his wife and five children.

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